CWA Consulting Services (CWACS) provides technical support for Industrial Pretreatment Programs and smaller municipalities without pretreatment programs but needing assistance.  CWACS works only for municipal governments to provide personalized, focused and specialized support that no large engineering firm can match.  Ask our clients in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

CWA Consulting Services

Municipal governments (POTWs, cities, districts) may request a detailed price list for the pretreatment program support shown below.  Email to request a CWACS Price List for 2018.  Support for POTWs includes:

You can reach CWACS through all of these domain names:

Local Limits, Pretreatment Ordinance/Rules, Pretreatment Program Development, Pretreatment Audits, Industrial User Permitting and Enforcement Support

Neither a regulation nor guidance can be broader in scope than the underlying statute.  Guidance and policy shall not be broader than the underlying regulation.  Guidance and policy shall not be enforced unless public participation has been afforded.

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Specializing in Pretreatment Program Support for Local Governments 

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Pretreatment Program Development                                           Enforcement Response Plans

Pretreatment Sewer Use Ordinance/Rules                                  Enforcement Support

Local Limits:  Example RFP Language                                        Industrial User Permitting

Development of SOPs/Forms                                                      Industrial User Inspections

Pretreatment Program Evaluation/Audit                                      Staff Training

BMP Development                                                                      NPDES Permit pretreatment language review

Review of Guidance, Policy and Regulation