Meetings and Training

Consortium for Research and Education on Emerging Contaminants (CREEC) Meeting

Pretreatment Workshop and Seminar:  Virginia WEA

2018 Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Pretreatment Conference

2018 Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association Workshop

2018 Region 8 Pretreatment Association 27th Annual Pretreatment Workshop
TBD, Utah?  

2018 NACWA National Pretreatment Workshop

2018 Region 6 Pretreatment Association
TBD:  Oklahoma

2018 Pacific NW Pretreatment Workshop

2017 Tri-State (AZ-CA-NV) Seminar
September 26-28, 2017
Las Vegas, NV

2017 North Carolina Pretreatment Consortium Conference
October 16-18, 2017 (to be posted on their website)
Ashville, NC

2017 Colorado Industrial Pretreatment Coordinators Association
October 13, 2017.  Blackhawk, CO

2017 EPA Region 1 Pretreatment Workshop