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Other Consultants recommended by municipal Pretreatment Programs (I contacted the municipalities):

Gorman Lau, P.E. Larry Walker Associates, Inc. 1480 Drew Avenue, Suite 100, Davis, CA
95618-4889. (530) 753-6400 x225
Primary states for services: California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Nevada.

Marc Sexton, P.E., 19 Wood Hill Drive, Auburn, NH 03032.  

1-603-587-0039. Primary state(s) for services: New Hampshire

Joshua Balentine, Senior Associate, Project Manager, Brown and Caldwell 901.708.4333.  Nationwide.


For Arkansas folks, Allen Gilliam, retired Arkansas Pretreatment Coordinator, may be able to provide pretreatment program support.  Pretreatment Consulting, LLC., 501-833-1080,  

Specializing in Pretreatment Program Support for Local Governments 

CWA Consulting Services

CWA Consulting Services (CWACS) provides technical support for Industrial Pretreatment Programs and smaller municipalities without pretreatment programs but needing assistance.  CWACS works only for municipal governments to provide personalized, focused and specialized support that no large engineering firm can match.  In 2021, Curt is retiring.  CWACS is no longer taking on clients.  I will miss the many clients I had from 2007-2021 throughout the U.S. and other friends and colleagues since moving to Colorado with EPA in 1989 and then opening my consulting business in 2007.    Curt McCormick   Curt at   

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