Technical Documents

1-8-21:  EPA Webinar Training for 1/27/21 and 2/24/21.

2016-2020 Pretreatment Job Openings Updated 1-21-21 csv file (opens with Microsoft Excel)

12-22-20 - comments to DOJ on Pretreatment Consent Decree with Parker-Hannifin Corp

11-22-20 - EPA Memo on recommendations from the PFAS NPDES Regional Coordinators Committee

10-20-20-EPA Region 1 - Jay Pimpare - Presentation on Brewery Waste

6-29-20 - EPA COVID-19 Enforcement and Compliance Policy Notice of Termination.

6-4-20 - EPA Response to Academy of General Dentistry for Request to Delay Amalgam Separator Compliance Date

3-31-20 - Temporary Advisory for NPDES Reporting in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

3-30-20 - EPA Provides Clarification on Enforcement and Compliance Guidance for COVID-19

3-26-20-EPA COVID-19 implications for EPA's Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Program






‚Äč6-13-17-EPA Digital Image Guidance for EPA Civil Inspections and Field Investigations


11-3-16-EPA BMPs for POTW accepting hazardous and toxic chemicals

January 2017-Industrial User Inspection and Sampling Manual for POTWs

EPA Decision on Zirconization under Metal Finishing (40 CFR Part 433)

EPA 1994 Memo on Permit-as-a-Shield

Littleton-Englewood WWTP Nitrification Inhibition Presentation, October 2014

Categorical Standards - New Source Dates

CWACS Example Chain-of-Custody

1990:  EPA Administrator Reilly on Risk

1-21-92 EPA Guidance on Split Samples

8-11-08 EPA Memo on Regulatory Applicability of Biodiesel Facilities and Pretreatment

8-11-08-EPA Biodiesel Memo re Applicability of Categorical Standards

2010 EPA Audit Checklist with Legal Authority Review